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More than a few years ago, Ken and Lisa had the unlikely good fortune to run into each other in the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness of Washington where both had packed into the high country with their horses. It was the beginning of a friendship that led years later to the formation of MountainHorseSense, dedicated to producing horses that excel on mountain trails. Between us we had owned Arabs, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Appys and Tennessee Walkers, and used all of them in the mountains. From years and miles of experience we knew the necessary qualities we were looking for in a mountain horse and for sheer comfort and ground covering ability, we decided to focus on breeding and training gaited horses.

After reading about Rocky Mountain Horses, we thought they sounded too good to be true but were certainly intrigued enough to go meet some. The results are plain to see on our ranch since we started with only a foundation Rocky mare in foal and one gelding and now our herd has expanded to 17. As it turns out, the Rockies are even better than advertised and for us have been down-right addicting. They are wonderfully smooth to ride, are playful, genuinely fun to be around and a pleasure to watch. But most importantly, they have good minds and mellow temperaments that are well suited to high mountain trails.

Ken is a certified farrier, has had his own dude ride business, has packed professionally, been a Wilderness Horse Ranger for the Forest Service and has been training horses for over 30 years. Lisa has camped with her horses for nearly 30 years in much of the wilderness in the Northwest and now in the Southwest. Together we have been breeding and training superb mountain horses for a number of years. MountainHorseSense is located a little over 2 hours southwest of Albuquerque in Quemado, New Mexico. We always have the welcome mat out for anyone interested in horses, so give us a holler and stop on by.

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