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It has been our good fortune to have known some fine horses. A few of those who left us for new pastures but who continue to make us proud are shown below.

Smokey has one of the smoothest, locked in gaits we’ve ever seen. At 3 1/2, he's been gently used but has clambered up mesas and slid down arroyos and never put a foot wrong. He’s 15hh but may add another inch or two before he’s finished. He's a blast to ride and will put a silly grin on the most experienced rider but will camly pack a youngster or oldster carefully and safely. Smokey is both registered and certified RMHA foundation stock and far more elegant than his picture. He truly is the epitome of what a trail horse should be. Sold
Smoothie, a sorrel 3 yo with a flaxen tail by Yankee's Rising Star out of a foundation mare, Smoothie got his name after we watched him get along with others as a baby and saw the way he carried himself. He is one smooth operator, very balanced, athletic and solidly gaited. He has a blistering rack in the paddock and comes when he's called. That's rarely necessary because he usually beats you to the gate when he sees you coming. Very loving and outgoing, registered RMHA. New picture to follow, his price will go up once he is started this spring. Sold
Prime Time is a 3 yo elegant chocolate gelding who reflects his fine heritage. The blood of Tim, Buddy Roe, Nuncio, Choco Dock, Yankee and Tobe has predictably produced a handsome, sweet and intelligent horse. PT, as he's known here, has a long fast gait in his pasture and he is going to be a big mover under saddle. He "plays well with others" in his pasture and is a delight to be around, curious and affectionate. Double registered RMHA and KMSHA, PT's price will go up after he is under saddle. Sold
Bayberry is an extremely well gaited coming 3 year gelding. And with his bloodlines, he should be. Both his sire and dam have Tobe as their grandsires and Maples Squirrel and Kilburns Chocolate Sundown as parents. He’s pretty much unflabble too, very sensible, very agile and of course, very very friendly. He plays well with others in his pasture but is the first to the gate when someone appears with a halter. We were just getting ready to start him last fall when we got buried by an early snow that is still around in March. He’s more than ready to get under saddle, with solid bone and good muscle development. Sold
Dixon is one smart little Rocky, but he doesn’t need to be as smart as he is to think his humans must be pretty dumb to park him in the middle of a juniper bush when there is so much empty land all around. Dixon, sired by the RMHA High Point Stallion of 2007 is coming 4, and is a solid 14.2 hh. He has an even 4 beat gait and he thinks his way through the toughest terrain without losing his cool. Dixon is registered RMHA and is a proud, go anywhere horse. Sold
Jasper, a blood bay gelding, is named for the coveted red rock that sprouts up in this country. He’s 15hh, has a lovely daisy clipper gait on a loose rein and goes anywhere you point him with poise and ease regardless of footing or terrain. He’s happy to lead, ride drag or politely mosey alongside even the pokiest Quarter Horse though clearly Jasper would cover a lot more ground left to his own devices. A real gentleman and best pal on the ground, Jasper is coming 5 with old Rocky bloodlines on his sire’s side. He’s registered KMSHA and will be a true gem in any company. Sold
Nami. Extremely well gaited with miles of mountain trail experience. Nami is a 9 yo, 15.3 hh chocolate/flax gelding who comes to the halter, loves attention. Impeccable ground manners, can mount either side from a fence, stump or rock, smoothly takes his rider all day in rugged terrain or logging roads. Always loves going out, hops in the trailer, camps on a highline, gets along well with other horses. This is a rare opportunity to own a horse with Nami’s trail experience, gait, willingness, and sweetness. Registered and Certified Rocky and Kentucky Mountain, great foundation bloodlines. Sold
Starman, is a 2 yo colt who is a grandson of Maple's Squirrel by Squirrel's Pet. He's got that sweet and curious Rocky temperament to go with his striking color and nice conformation. Strong boned, he’s a bit over 14.2hh already. He's blessed with the good genes of Choco Dock, Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, Johnson's Toby and of course Tobe , so it's no surprise that he gaits all over his paddock. Price will go up when he is started under saddle this fall. Sold
Soulie is a rare find, a 7 yo gelding double registered and double certified RMHA and KMSHA. He’s a grandson of Dock and has Buddy Roe, Sewell’s Sam, Maple’s Squirrel and Kilburns Chocolate Sundown blood in his veins. He’s been shown on the East coast and yet is a most mellow guy, happy to just walk down the trail on a loose rein, not at all spooky or chargy. But, pick him up, and he can fly—and I do mean fly!!-- in gait. He’s lovely to work with, easy going and helpful. A red chocolate with a darkening mixed mane and tail, Soulie is the good soul that his name suggests. Sold
Toby, 6 yo 15'2" bay son of legendary foundation sire Maples Squirrel named for his ability to "climb a mountain like a squirrel goin' up a tree." Toby has his sire's mountain climbing abilities and laid back disposition. Even using a chainsaw in his paddock doesn't faze him--he's right there on your shoulder watching you work. This mellow attitude translates on the trail to a go anywhere horse. A good guy, he'll even walk away from his dinner if you call him. Sold
Breezy, a 2 yo red chocolate son of world champion Storm Warning out of a dam by Toco Sam (Sam). Conformationally correct with a flawless disposition. He's still a colt and would be an asset to any breeding program with Tim, Sam, Dock, Yankee and Tobe in his bloodlines. Or gelded, he would be a lifetime friend and head turner. Already 15 hh, Breezy will be a good sized adult. He gets along well with other horses and is the first to greet me at the gate though he is the youngest in his pasture. This guy is show quality without an attitude, a genuine sweetheart and pleasure to be around. Will be started under saddle this year and price will go up. Sold
John Henry Holiday is a 3 yo red chocolate son of Doc Holiday who packs a lot of beauty in his 14.2hh body. And, pretty is as pretty does. Holiday is as sweet and willing a horse as you ever will find, and is incredibly mellow yet forward going. He's under saddle and going out and about in our steep hills, tackling all obstacles in a calm and steady manner. Registered RMHA. Sold
Sky Walker's Buckskin Edition is gentle enough for your 4 year old or your 84 year old, but has enough acceleration in gait to please an experienced rider. Buck is a sweet 4yo gelding, 15hh, that nothing fazes. A solid boned, steady horse, he will slide down hills, clamber over logs, trudge through prickly brush. Willing, mellow and kind. Sold
Rainbeau, 4 yo black bay son of 4 time International World Champion, Blue Rain, out of a foundation mare, Beau was born in a rain that cleared to reveal a rainbow, rare in our part of the country. His name was obvious, and because he was so handsome, it just had to be Rain "Beau". Beau is very forward going and champagne smooth. He just eats up the miles, ears always pointing ahead, happy to be going down the trail. Has his daddy's award winning confirmation and a super disposition. Sold
Sox, a long yearling gelding, is by Little Barlow on his sire's side with Nuncio, Johnson's Toby and Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown on his sire's side. On his dam's side he has Amigo Blue and Master Stallion, Woosley's Rocky. Sox is registered KMSHA and will probably not be a large horse. He likes attention and would thrive with a person all his own. He's still growing into his big bones, but because of his size-13.2 as a yearling- this is an opportunity to get a chocolate/flax mountain horse at an unbelievable low price. Sold
Rocky is a 7 yo son of Nuncio and we think he's a handsome guy indeed. At 14'2" hh Rocky packs a lot of go down the trail. He has a solid, certified four beat gait and a proud way of moving. You can point him thru brush, over downed logs, across sidehills or just stay on the trail. It's all the same to him. Very friendly, comes to the halter and is insulted if you take another horse out of his paddock instead of him. He's still got some winter hair in this picture which makes him look more golden than he is. Shed out, he's a dark chocolate with a flaxen mane and tail. Sold
Prince Henry, leggy solid black son of Prince Valiant, Henry will probably grow to be 15.3 hh and has a lovely solid four beat gait. He's been started on the trails and so far hasn't found anything that remotely frightens him. His long walk covers ground effortlessly and he enjoys getting out as much as we do. A very willing 2yo, Henry is being lightly ridden in the mountains and is developing a blazing gait on the flatlands. Sold
Buddy, grandson of Dock and great grandson of Tobe, Buddy is a handsome chocolate/flax2yo with the strong gait in the pasture you would expect with his grandsires. His name describes his disposition and he is one of those "in your pocket" horses. Unfortunately, his picture doesn't do him justice. Buddy should be around 14.3hh at maturity. After he is started under saddle this fall, his price will go up. Sold
Keeper, at 4 yo and 15hh, is a perfect size for most folks. He has a long stride that outwalks many larger horses and a very smooth and solid 4 beat gait. A shiny black with a thick mane and tail with red highlights, Keeper is a friendly guy who loves attention and is well named. Very much an "in your pocket horse" you will want to keep him and take him home. Sold
Cody, 5 yo chocolate with a dark flaxen mane and tail by Yankee's Rising Star. At 15'2" Cody is a good size with an elegant head and super conformation. His gait is smooth and solid, and his long stride just floats down the trail. He's a head turner with a very sweet disposition who wants to please and a real pleasure to ride. Sold
Whiskey's Chance, 2yo by by Whiskey Jr. is a flashy bay, well gaited in the paddock with a very quick footfall. His thick mane is nearly at his shoulder now and he is very patient about having it worked on. He clips, bathes, trailers, no trouble at all for the farrier. He clambers up our rocky hillsides like a mountain goat. Should mature to 14'3". Has had a saddle on his back but has not yet been ridden, and price will go up after training. Also registered KMSHA. Sold
Sentimental Sandman, coming 7 and a chocolate and flaxen equine Porsche. A smooth, purring, trail hugging machine. For the confident rider, not for someone who just wants to plod along. Loving, with a big heart and an irresistible face. Sold
Skippy, a 4 yo red chocolate grandson of Choco Dock, hasn’t a mean bone in his body. Something/someone scared Skippy when he was a youngster and he has some deep seated fears. He’s never offered to bite or kick, appreciates treats, puts up with baths, leads politely, stands tied quietly, gets along well with other horses. He needs and deserves someone to bond with who can spend time working with him that we just don’t have. He was started under saddle as a 3 yo in KY but hasn’t been ridden since. We’re offering him to an experienced home only at a below yearling price. He’s a real sweetheart who rewards with nuzzles consistent kindness and gentle handling. Sold
Iron Image, 2yo by International Conformation Champion, Triple S Iron Man. is big boned and will probably be 16hh when he finishes growing. Very, very laid back, sweet tempered. Though just started, Image placed 4th in a large Trail Class, and is even better at the real thing. Solid four beat gait, catty on steep rocky hills, nothing bothers this guy. Sold
Thunder, 2 yo by Good Time Charlie by Buddy Roe. A star attraction with his long mane and tail, he's very friendly and solidly gaited in the paddock. Not much seems to bother this guy and will make a wonderful trail horse. Very friendly and happy for any attention he can get. Is great to bathe, clip, or have his feet worked on, trailers well. Quite the eye catcher, he is not yet started under saddle and his price will go up once he is. Should mature to 15'2". Also registered KMSHA. Sold

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